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ERIC: Did you get your coin? Solar paneled Ray Bans and ice cream in 90 seconds. Go.
DAN: Entirely Geek is a proud member of the Tech Podcast Network, if it’s tech it’s here.
ERIC: Hey, before we begin this amazing episode I wanted to first start off with Dan’s tip of the week.
DAN: Thanks Eric, well this week I’m going to give kind of a – this is a simple tip, something you may know about or maybe you haven’t you used in the past but more – now more than ever is probably important to use and that is a UPS, an Uninterruptible Power Supply for your computer. Basically a battery backup and these come in different varieties; I have a couple of different models from Cyberpower. I got one for my main computer, on my main work computer and I also have one for my main NAS on my network, which stores all my files. And the most important thing – I should – couple of different things about the system are good to have. One, is it provides clean power to your computer or your device on the other end, as opposed to a surge – in fact it will protect you from surges but it won’t protect you from – they call brownouts or dirty power, where you have dips in power and that sort of thing. This will provide a steady consistent wave of power to your system no matter what; so that’s one benefit. The other benefit being if you’re out of town and if you’re gone most of these systems include a usb cord, you can play on your computer and the case of Macintosh which I’m using on my main computer, the software actually is built in where it recognizes the UPS automatically and give me a battery indicator run on top of my menu bar. So right off the bat, I always know I have 100% battery and if I do go down and I’m not in the area my computer will shutdown and within a specified amount of time to safely – you know safely shut my computer down that sort of thing and prevent any data lost. Same with my NAS as well, my NAS has software installed on it where it basically will detect the power outage and safely shut down my NAS as to protect all my files and that sort of thing. So a piece of tech we may know about but not always used, definitely worth having. Think of it like an insurance policy for your gadgets and your gear that are important to you.
ERIC: I would definitely have to say Dan that is not your typical Dan’s tip of the week, so it’s pretty good.
DAN: Thanks, thanks I appreciate that.
ERIC: Definitely, moving on to our first article. Dan, do you hate being a male and having to – well not being a male because I – you know I like being a male, but do you hate having a really thick wallet and then you go and sit down and you’re like lopsided?
DAN: I do because over the years I’ve slowly gotten rid of my thicker wallets and gotten like little you know, smaller Fossil wallets. I even had a device that actually clicked to the back of my phone the held cards as well, trying to get is a little as possible to my pocket so I can carry it when I need it but not have to carry around a bunch of different cards and a big wallet.
ERIC: So this will help all of us the other do this even more so and it’s from money.cnn.com and it is another start up. We’re big with startups because it’s fresh technology and it comes – it’s called coin. Now there are some problems with it but to begin with, it’s not in the market yet but as Dan pointed it out it’s $50 buy in to be able to get it in the 2014 release and then it will cost you $100 if you buy it then.
DAN: Right.
ERIC: But this will downgrade all of your cards into one device. Dan, there’s some positives and negatives that I see about this.
DAN: Okay.
ERIC: Positive, it will make my wallet really small.
DAN: Or not at all, maybe just have a clip on back of your phone or whatever.
ERIC: And just hold to your card and your ID.
DAN: Right.
ERIC: The other negative is that, it’s not out yet so I can’t try it.
DAN: Okay, that’s a negative I guess.
ERIC: But the thing that I kind of – I’m kind of iffy on is the fact that I have to use my phone with it.
DAN: Okay. Now see, I see that as a benefit. I know that you see as a negative, but I see as a benefit. One thing you mentioned in the article is the fact that if you’re – is away from your phone for more than 10 minutes or your phone dies with battery or what not, the cards don’t work anymore and if someone were to steal this from me and take it away from me – and take it away for my phone, the card would become inactive, almost like automatically deactivated with the card basically, as a oppose to stealing my debit card or credit card. Now, say I don’t realize it for the whole night, I find out – I wake up in the morning and I’ve got a bunch of charges on my card, so in that sense I kind of like it that it kind of almost shut itself down, I can see the negative. Your phone dies, if you allow your phone to run down, that could be a problem, which is maybe why I wouldn’t want to have this be your only method of payment but then again that kind of defeats the whole purpose right?
ERIC: One of our fellow users would be Bryan Badel and you know that’s kind of something you know he leaves his at 8%. I’ve seen the screenshots.
DAN: Yeah I know. He runs everything down those laptop battery, I mean he just likes to use everything on the mac you know.
ERIC: Yup.
DAN: Yeah, so I don’t know it’s – I can see the cons there I mean honestly, a system where you have to have a backup – like I’ll have a backup of debit card in my shoe because I might assume that I run out of battery, that might be an issue but…

ERIC: Yeah, did you just say in your shoe?
DAN: I’m just trying to think of ways you were or you might hide it or something, I don’t know. I mean if you don’t like to carry a lot around you know?
ERIC: I just thought maybe you have a shoe wallet and we haven’t talked about this before.
DAN: I don’t want to talk about that Eric; that’s my own invention and I’m still working on it okay? So that’s coming in summer of 2015 actually.
ERIC: Now this is what I had say is that, okay so let’s say you do have your coin and it doesn’t work- Oh no never mind my idea wasn’t going to work either because you just said if the phone dies – I was going to say you can always use like one of the other wallet companies that you could pay you know at certain locations but that wouldn’t work as your phone.
DAN: No if your phone is dead, this thing is dead. So pretty much keep your phone in charge if you’re going to be a user of coin. But let’s talk about the positives as well is that you can store – you were mentioning before several different cards on this thing…
ERIC: Seven.
DAN: Seven okay, so that’s…
ERIC: Several…
DAN: Several okay,so you can basically you push a button and you can actually change – there’s a little screen that changes to what the card is and it shows like you know the – you know the you know the – what do you call it the carrier – not the carrier but the company and the expiration that sort of thing, so basically by pushing a button you can change your card, I love this idea. The one concern that’s in the article – and I – as me – for me as well is, will merchants accept this? Their saying in their current testing that in San Francisco, they are accepting it, but it’s San Francisco. They’re used to kind of weird and corky payment. There’s thumbs and their getting used to square and you know paypal mobile and all those things so, I don’t know if that’s going to work everywhere you know what I mean?
ERIC: And they haven’t even got buy on from like Mastercard, Discover, American Express or Visa yet. They believe that they should not have a problem getting it and that’s one thing they talked about in the article.
DAN: It’s interesting yes, they mention like we’re folks in the consumer side, if you get consumers to go for it then everyone go for it. Well, that’s an interesting way to go but talk to Google wallet they didn’t happen for them. I mean..
ERIC: Correct.
DAN: The wallet had several problems with American Express and that’s sort of thing. Just saying “Yeah it works! Right! Yay! Great use it!” And American Express is like we’re not on board with this. So just because you say consumers are on board – I think consumers could be on board with it, you still need to work with the credit card companies and that’s my only concern. Like I want to buy in now to save half the money, but I’m also little concerned that it may not actually to fruition, so that’s my concern.
ERIC: Yup, but that’s the kick start.
DAN: Or you know in a way – in a way if you don’t support them, maybe it won’t get pushed through, so I don’t know, maybe I should support if I want to see go through, it’s…
ERIC: Okay, so think about it this way also. I don’t know if you remember, but when we use to work at Wells Fargo the original discard key – this idea came out and a couple companies started it – well I’m not sure if this one of them but you know they talked about in 2012 so it’s not – so this is more recent, is Echo. Echo is a website or Echo is one that came about also but as they were saying in this article if you go to their website it just says coming soon.
DAN:: Yeah and I don’t know if their reason for not coming out is because they can’t get partnership with the company, if they can’t get their technology right because that technology is pretty amazing, it literally reprograms the magnetic strip on the back of the card.
ERIC: Yeah.
DAN: So on the fly which is pretty cool technology, it’s definitely different from anything else out there because right now all we have is magnetic cards that can’t be reprogrammed in the machine, but nothing yet that I’ve seen that can actually the card itself can reprogram itself.
ERIC: Correct.
DAN:So this is – in my mind new technology. I don’t think the other companies are having problems with technology or if they’re actually having problems with maybe not getting approved from you know companies like AMEX and that sort of thing so I don’t know, I’m torn if I’m going to put my money in or not.
ERIC: Well, let me know if you do need, you can put an extra $50 in for…
DAN: Sure.
ERIC: You’re rolling in the dough – not or maybe not – maybe not the actual money but in flowers.
DAN: Some cookie dough yeah definitely.
ERIC: So our next article comes from cnet.com and this article actually caught my eye just because of the technology used in it. So Daniel, you’re out late night with Bryan Badel and his phone is at 8% and you have no way to charge it.
DAN: Yes, that sounds about right.
ERIC: So you know, what do you do because you – there’s nothing he can do because the phone is dying and you’re getting ready to go into…
DAN: I’d probably rejoice because he’s not Instagramming his dinner every five minutes. I don’t know.
ERIC: It’s probably true but he – that’s probably a relief. You know but you’re at friends, you’re having a couple of drinks and he notices, dang he really wants to update his facebook but now it’s at 1%.
DAN: Right.
ERIC: Alright, so this solution comes into play. A solar paneled sunglass that recharges your iPhone in the evening, so it charges – it soaks up the energy from the sun throughout the day and then at night you are able to plug it in and give your iPhone just a little boost. That technology is cool.
DAN: Okay.
ERIC: I have a negative.
DAN: Okay, what’s your negative?
ERIC: I’m out during the day and me and you, we’re still at the beach, me and you – it’s everything is going good and it starts pouring rain.
DAN: Okay.
ERIC: What happens to my sunglasses?
DAN: I don’t know, are they waterproof?
ERIC: I don’t know, I don’t think they – I’m assuming they’re not, they’re solar paneled with a usb port.
DAN: Right but they could be weather resistant, I mean did it say they’re not weather resistant?
ERIC: It doesn’t.
DAN: So okay, this is just my two – I’m going to throw it in there and
ERIC: This is all our two cents.
DAN: Okay yeah exactly, because we have no idea, this is like almost – I don’t know when it’s going to come out, if it’s going to come out already, or if it’s already here but I think it’s a pretty cool idea. I don’t know about the idea of having to buy special sunglasses to charge my phone. I have to buy prescription sunglasses for myself, so for me, I’m not really in – you know I don’t usually buy a Ray Ban per say, I buy you know something from Warby Parker or one those kind of brands. It looks very similar but you don’t pay the higher price. But I do like the idea and I would think that if they’re going to put this on your side of your head, that they would have to make it somewhat moisture resistant because if you’re out in the sun, you’re playing at the beach you’re going to sweat a little bit. If it’s sensitive to moisture it’s going to be a major issue. So I would have to imagine that they would probably seal these a little bit better than that and being that solar panel they could easily put a coating over it that will make it moisture resistant. So if they don’t that’s a major problem, but I have a hard time believing they wouldn’t’ honestly. I don’t know that’s my two cents.
ERIC: Well I was going to put a comment on the cnet.com website, but SpeakerOfTruth is already taken. I think you took it.
DAN: I did right before you started typing it.
ERIC: You were like let me steal this, but I was going to ask them and see you know, what they said but there’s always a way around it, you just add a zero for the o and then you’re good. But anyway, we’re moving right along, that was just an article I wanted to throw out there. It was kind of interesting and I hope it is water resistant or waterproof.
DAN: I would have – listen if it’s not, it’s a major issue because like I said, just sweat alone being outside if you’re out in the sun you’re sweating a little bit, that’s a major concern. So I would have to imagine that they would seal them and it would be pretty easy to seal you know what I mean? Because the sunlight still goes through clear plastic coating.
ERIC: Yeah.
DAN: So it would be kind of stupid to not do that.
ERIC: But I just don’t get it because…
DAN: My whole thing – my whole question is how much can it really charge your phone? I mean this thing that can’t be that heavy, I saw it, it’s basically like the stem of the..
ERIC: It’s one arm.
DAN: It’s one arm of the glasses, how much can it really store? I mean how big of battery can they put in that little stem without making it crazy heavy to – that’s the concern I have. It’s like yeah it’s a great idea but can it really store power or is it just basically you know charge your phone for 5 minutes and that’s it? So that’s my two cents.
ERIC: I’m trying to read and you know go to my twosense.com – I’m just kidding. So it’s – the way I see it Dan is I think that it’s a good invention for – in heading in the right way but we’ll see. I mean it goes back to like Google glass. Google glass is an amazing invention but in all reality do we need it yet? It’s maybe before it’s time and maybe this – maybe this would be good with Google glass, maybe it’s a way not to charge your phone but maybe a way to continue to charge your Google glass.
DAN: This is interesting because a lot of people are talking on the comments and some of the comments are pretty interesting, so definitely check them out on cnet.
ERIC: Hello raccoon face.
DAN: Yeah they got some interesting ones on here. Look at the top right here. We could attempt at generating buzz – I mean people are just like kind of like lambasting this thing frankly and one guy had the exact the same concern I had. This is more of a solar panel than a solar charger, how are they going to… you know how going to store any energy? You could provide energy to something but how are you going to actually be able to store energy? Where is it going? It has to go into a battery somehow.
ERIC: It’s through your nose.
DAN: Yeah, so unless you have a wire down you back with battery a pack in your pocket…
ERIC: It’s through the cloud.
DAN: Through the cloud, yes I’m sure. I think we’re getting off on a tangent here.
ERIC: I think we are and I can’t wait – I wish I would have read some more of these comments earlier but we are going to move right along. I will keep update on this if I see anymore stuff I will give an update for sure.
DAN: Yes.
ERIC: Maybe not a full article but a little blurp. Daniel?
DAN: Yes.
ERIC: Your wife wants ice cream.
DAN: She does.
ERIC: And I apologize because it’s been all my fault because all night I’ve been talking about ice cream and the reason why for all those listening is on cnn.com it talks about how super nerdy ice cream is made in 90 seconds. Go to our website, click the link and watch the video. This thing is amazing, they do not freeze their ice cream unless it’s ordered. So it’s done by nitrogen and again this goes through a thing where Daniel probably could care less about this article because it’s more of the science like whatever but to me this is amazing that they took nitrogen and their freezing ice cream and the reason that they’re doing this is when they’re freezing it at that temperature it makes it where the ice crystals are so small that it’s a creamier base and that’s sounds really good for me.
DAN: Well, I’m going to just correct you right there. You could be more wrong, I’m very interested in this article because I love ice cream, okay?
ERIC: But you just like it because it’s ice cream.
DAN: Yeah. Duh?
ERIC: Yeah, but if it was like how to – you know turn an arm into a leg, you’ll be like okay.
DAN: Okay, to be fair you have an article about some guy sending a message to another guy about earth.
ERIC: Dude, that is cool.
DAN: Moving his arm but like he got a text message form or something, it was I don’t know whatever, it’s fine.
ERIC: So it was through his head, to be correct and through the computer and the guy made – the guy told him what to type through his brain. That is amazing.
DAN: If he could tell him to type, why he couldn’t he just tell him to move his arm like I don’t know whatever. I don’t want to get get back into this – the story.
ERIC: Okay.
DAN: Let’s back to the ice cream okay? The ice cream is important here. I think that’s very cool, I look forward to going to a place, this place is called Smitten. I’ve seen – my wife mentioned that she’s been into this place in Redlands, California that this is well, so this has been attempted a few times and it may be the new Cold Stone frankly, you know get your ice cream made right in front of you and it’s kind of fun, it’s kind of cool, you see like the fog rolling in, you can see it coming out and your ice cream made right there and so and then the – on top of that being that’s more creamy, sounds delicious.
ERIC: It took two years for them to develop this technology that they’re using actually.
DAN: It sounds delicious.
ERIC: It does, well that is our show again, it’s a short one, but we want to get some stuff to you guys, go to Smitten if you’re close by. Look at – it’s in San Francisco so go if you’re close by. If you are interested in a wallet free full of cards, go and buy Coin so that way you don’t have to pay a hundred bucks and if you’re interested once the solar paneled Ray Bans come out, purchase them, send us a link and let us know, you know how much they charge your phone.
DAN: Yeah, I’m not counting on that pretty much.
ERIC: Yeah, I count on it probably boosting brands from one person to two.
DAN: Well, it’s enough to be interesting on picture out so…

ERIC: It is and that’s what he cares about.
DAN: It is.
ERIC: That and saving lives because he was supposed to be on the show and it would have been an even longer show but he’s not because he’s saving the world one heart attack victim at a time.
DAN: Yes.
ERIC: Now it might be too much information because I don’t really know if they were heart attack victims just to throw it out there.
DAN: Understood.
ERIC: I don’t want to get in trouble.
DAN: Yeah.
ERIC: Anyway I’m @SpeakerofTruth.
DAN: And I’m @DanTheTechGuru. Have a great day everybody.
ERIC: Ice cream.

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