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Show Transcript:

ERIC: YouTube users protest Google+, Sony sells 1 million and Netflix they choose HUI
DAN: Entirely Geek is a proud member of tech podcast network, if it’s tech it’s here.
ERIC: Before we begin this amazing show, we’re going to start off with Daniel’s tip of the week.
DAN: Thanks Eric. Well this week I’m going to give a little audio tip to everyone out there, especially if you’re using your iPod like via auxiliary cable in your car or even your home theater system. If you have a lot of problems – happens a lot more in cars but it can happen in any environment with some interference frankly. Is getting a ground loop isolator and basically this like a little device it sits in between your iPod and your auxiliary cable and has a little box on it basically, and it filters out in line noise, so this can be interference coming from your car’s alternator or what not in your car, or it can be coming from other electronic things in your office for example I have my PC hooked into my audio system here and I was having interference problems on my end as well, by plugging in this box in between my audio cable and the source, I was able to eliminate all that audio noise. In fact, the audio that’s coming from the computer Eric’s on currently is going to through a group – a ground loop isolator as well. So a little quick tip you can pick this up on Amazon; I have a pack branded one it’s a pretty cheap one I think – I think I picked it up for 12 bucks on Amazon, so not a bad deal.
ERIC: See what I thought you were saying Dan is that we were – I was going to through Groupon.
DAN: Yeah, I know – I was going group and loop and all that, but their ground loop isolator is the technical term. It’s like a little box basically, it’s a little box has a wire on each end, one with the female you can put one on end and the male in the other. You plug it there and it basically cuts all the line noise and keeps your audio clean.
ERIC: Well I wish we could use that somehow for you know Skype calls but that will be a whole another tip of the week one day, once we figure out what’s wrong.
DAN: Yeah, and just so you know, your audio is still going away up and up and up, everyone’s here and I’m sure.
ERIC: Alright, well hey everyone we are trying to figure out what’s wrong – Mod will explain it to you guys, something is going wrong with the microphones the last few weeks, we – my gain is auto adjusting so we’re trying to fix it, but if you bear with us and bear with my crappy audio for the next…
DAN: Excuse me, if you know this problem for example you know the problem on Skype that happens that we haven’t thought about, we’ve already tried going in the settings, we’ve already tried going to the xml file and still the auto gain persists. So if anybody out there has a suggestion we haven’t tried, we’re happy to hear it for sure.
ERIC: Definitely, we’ll move you right along to our first article. We have news.cnet.com and this article is about YouTube users protesting Google+. Hey Dan I talk to you a little bit about it earlier, I think it’s a good idea, you think it’s a good idea, but I have to throw out some negatives with it. The negatives are, I can now insert hash tags within my link and I can – if I’m a hacker I can put in you know viruses within there, so that’s one of the negatives that people are talking about. The other one is saying that you know, they’re just trying to get more people to use their social network site. What do you think about all of this?
DAN: Well, my contingent honestly is that the – you know YouTube going over to Google+ setting is much better system. It pretty much makes people more accountable, they have to actually put a name to the comments they’re making. The problem is before is people were just simply you know, anonymous they could say whatever they wanted, there’s no consequences. If you look on YouTube now, I know it’s not perfect obviously, it still has a lot of adjustments to be done, there still lot of things are being changed over, but already you’re seeing much better comments. YouTube comments famously are one of the worst commenting – like as far if you’re a producer of content, if you see your content, your comment it be kind of depressing frankly.
ERIC: Oh yeah, like – I mean I don’t know if you remember but it was that the white guy sucks or the honkey sucks or whatever was one of ours. It’s like what?
DAN: And always the fact you could always remove that obviously, I can go in there as a moderator and remove that, but still the fact that you have to even do that at all, people just seem to – you know it seems to attract the trolls in a way, and this won’t fix it 100%, I’m sure people go in there and make a fake profile or make a fake this stuff. So I think it’s funny that all – you know reviling against this whole thing, but I’m not really sure what the issue is. Most everybody has a Google+ account now because you know Google+ is pretty much part of everything you’re doing; if you have a Google account you have a Google+ account for the most part. I’m not really sure what the issue is here. I understand people want to be anonymous, the whole internet is all about being anonymous in a way, but I believe they had to do something about the YouTube comments because they’re getting a little bit out of hand and yes it’s not perfect yet, they got to fix the link issue and you know all the different issues they are having with brinking(?) and that sort of thing, but as they slowly work it out, I think it will be better and better and overall, it will be a better user experience for people that want to be on YouTube and contribute and have conversations about a video and not get interrupted by some ugly troll coming in there and making horrible comments so…
ERIC: I have to say something though, one of the comments on the page talks about have no one – have you ever noticed how no one complains about YouTube but Google is constantly fixing? Why are you going to something is not broken. And so why – what would you say to that?
DAN: So, that’s interesting. I think the people that are – and I understand what they’re saying I mean a lot of users on YouTube – the commenter’s not the content producers per say, but maybe the watchers of YouTube videos are the ones that are really complaining. If you ask the people that produce content, almost all of them are in favor of this change, because they’re the one have to see the horrible comments about you know, what they look like or all these different insults they are getting and that sort of thing. So I really think that you know, you’re getting the most vocal part of the internet kind of coming after this whole feature set but I don’t think it’s true, it was a broken thing, ask any YouTube creator.
ERIC: Yeah, I agree.
DAN: It’s bogus system honestly. I dreaded seeing that – even for businesses frankly – businesses put up videos that I worked with and then they have to go on there and moderate their comments because they get some horrible comments on there. So it’s a problem overall, and you want to be able to have comments because you know just turning them off is not really the solution either because the whole point is to have a conversation. So it’s better to have a real conversation and honestly you can be as ugly as trolls as you want to be if you want but you got to be willing to put your name and your face to it.
ERIC: Yeah.
DAN: If you’re not willing to do that then there’s a problem there.
ERIC: Yeah.
DAN: You know because the internet does provide that one thing, you can say something to somebody that you wouldn’t say to their face and that’s kind of the issue.
ERIC: Yeah, well last note Dan. Another comment says, how can someone be outraged over a free service? If you don’t like Google’s policies then don’t use their service, it’s a simple as that.
DAN: That’s true too. It’s a free service. So if you don’t like it, go create your own service or do something else, I mean it’s up to you.
ERIC: That’s why I created rock.org, I’m just kidding, don’t go to it doesn’t work.
DAN: Got you.
ERIC: Anyway, moving right along to telegraph.co.uk, is Sony sold over one… correction, yeah sold over 1 million PS4s on the first day. Now is not like it’s a record or you know it’s amazing, it’s just that’s amazing. And they had preorders of – what was it over a million in pre orders and the main goal is to sell over 5 million within this fiscal year.
DAN: Right. Yeah I mean, I think just looking at this you know first number is looking to be pretty impressive. I’m curious to see what the numbers on XBOX1 look like and how they compare and see exactly you know which is going to come out on top. I think that both platforms have their fans and I think they’re both going to do pretty well frankly; I’m not really that worried. We have waited a long time for platform updates you know, console updates.
ERIC: Yeah.
DAN: So, it – I can imagine a lot of people out there willing to buy it because it’s been you know 10 years since the last update. So it’s time you know – it’s time to get a new console in your system so not much to say about it.
ERIC: Are you going to run out and buy either of them?
DAN: No, I’m not – I mean I have an XBOX 360 that I got kind of like on accident almost. I really didn’t even want it; don’t really play console games at all. If I do play games it’s mostly on my computer so I don’t really care about this to be honest with you. But it’s intriguing to see what the market does and how it goes forward and also intriguing to see how these consoles going forward are not just gaming systems but also systems that incorporate content you know.
ERIC: Yeah.
DAN: New ways to view media and movies and TV shows in living room as well so…
ERIC: Definitely, it’s a full – full network of entertainment.
DAN: Yes, especially with the XBOX. So I’ll be curious to see how Sony integrates those things as well because both systems are supposed to be really bringing you this whole entertainment system to your TV not just gaming.
ERIC: Yeah. Well going back into the next entourage of media, it’s from gigahome.com and it’s talking about Netflix. And we always – we come to Netflix over and over again and it’s just because for all those listening for the first time, they are always changing things. They – not in a bad way whatsoever, in very good ways and they’re now changing the user interface and I know that they just changed it a little bit within the last like 6 months but now they’re actually changing a full-fledged like a reconstruction of it and I don’t know for you Dan, do you use – like do you use it on your TV ever?
DAN: See nowadays because I have the chrome cast, I use it on chrome cast exclusively pretty much. I used to have the TV app built to my TV but that really wasn’t a best experience. I mean now we basically have it on our own iPods or iPhones and we can literally stream it to the TV via chrome cast and that’s probably…
ERIC: Okay.
DAN: That’s probably the best experience frankly than anything because you can type very easily in your keyboard, there’s no you know scrolling around with you remote control or whatever, so that’s kind of what we’ve been doing frankly. I have seen the interface change in the iPad a little bit, but I haven’t had chance to see like I don’t have a roku or any of those devices so…
ERIC: So I have not seen the actual new interface but if you go to gigahomes.com, their website and look at this article, it actually has a video of what it’s going to look like. And I have to say as a TV user, I’m very excited for the new interface especially because there’s a lot of times where I’m like “Oh I know this actor, what else did he play in?” And they were talking about how it would be able – you know show some of the shows that he’s been in, so I kind of like that functionality behind it.
DAN: Yeah, and that’s great and I think the one biggest thing that you know – there’s definitely the video in the article check it out for sure, it kind of talks about some of the consumer facing benefits, but the little tech behind everything is the fact that they’re going from – they use to have I guess kind of a stripped down HTML5 framework they were building all this on.
ERIC: Correct.
DAN: Which allowed them obviously to build one interface and then have it framed in on like a web view inside of Roku or other platforms. Obviously it allowed it to be very flexible, they could build one system and have it work for everything. The downside of that was they had to strip out certain things to make it work on different devices, so it wasn’t the perfect interface. What they’re mentioning in this article is basically they’re taking that and rebuilding it from scratch and building a native interface to that device so the performance should be a lot better on your Roku and other smart devices for watching Netflix. That’s kind of the other side. Not only is it redesigned for the user but it should be faster on those major devices.
ERIC: Which I don’t know – I mean again you don’t use it but regularly but there are times where it’s so slow because it’s like trying to catch up on itself just in – that an advert – not advertising but…
DAN: What are you watching it on? Like when you watch on your TV what do you end up watching – what kind of device…
ERIC: We watch it on the Smart TV.
DAN: Okay, so the Smart TV so and I don’t know – you know it seems major platforms – I’m not sure if they have the list of exactly who their updating. I know like – I have a LG TV and they don’t seem to update it as often as the Samsung TVs I noticed. So I’d be curious to see it if they update everybody or if it’s just Roku and a few other partners. That would be good – honestly though like I said chrome cast has pretty much changed the way I do that – that’s been the best experience of everything so…
ERIC: Well Dan real quick.
DAN: Yeah.
ERIC: I want to mention because we’re out of stories but I know it’s kind of a short episode this week, I wanted to talk about a little bit about the TV – internet TV subscription and I forgot the name of the one that is finally on our market…
DAN: Aereo?
ERIC: There you go yes, so I wanted to just mention to take a look at their website again – we’ve talked about them in the past but take a look at them if you have – if you were not able to access them before you might be able to now.
DAN: Yeah they’re definitely rolling out from what I hear.
ERIC: Yeah because I can, I know Daniel can now and Daniel is in you know a small remote large town so…
DAN: If you check on my area and I can get it in my are now too?
ERIC: I’ve thought you could, I thought that’s what I saw.
DAN: Let me – you know that is huge because and especially since I’m looking at maybe cancelling my satellite subscription; cutting the cord here in a few months, if that’s case that’s huge.
ERIC: And I’m double checking it right now.
DAN: Because my wife will love that, she can get her CBS like she wants it.
ERIC: You know what, it won’t allow me to – I have to actually enroll in yours – so no there you go coverage area – all this being live, I love being able to talk to you guys – hey Dan.
DAN: Yeah.
ERIC: I’m going to let you go because I don’t want to give your zip code over the thing but if you go on, you can actually check the website, so for everyone you can go on coverage area and then just check your zip code and see that it’s available where you guys are at.
DAN: How you spell aereo Eric?
ERIC: It’s aereo.com
DAN: Okay, good to know.
ERIC: So Denver is in there – you know I might have been wrong, I thought I put you in there by city but I don’t see it on the major cities now.
DAN: Is it coming to California at all?
ERIC: I don’t see it in California at all now. But I swore I – on the thing that they sent me it was but…
DAN: You got my hopes up man.
ERIC: I know.
DAN: You have me going there for a minute. I’m actually putting my zip code right now and I’m going to find out. It says sorry the zip code you entered is not on the coverage area but we’re expanding. So I guess I could put my email on here and they’ll email me when they are ready.
ERIC: Yup, so mine is good to go. I’ve not started my 1 month free because I’m waiting for the 1 month to be able to do a video for you guys which should be in December. So keep a look out for that, if you don’t see it by the end of December comment on my Facebook or my Twitter page and just be like hey where’s my video, so…
DAN: Yeah, I know definitely – be interested to see how it works for you. I would be very intrigued to see if it may come to… you know the area. The only concern I have about aereo is that they are technologies kind of thing that almost anyone could do and I see that – they’re winning a lot of court cases right now against the broadcast companies and if they keep winning and they keep doing well you think, oh that’s great for the company, they’ll keep their service going. But what’s really going to happen is I think all the big satellite companies and a lot – some of the other cable companies might do the exactly the same thing to get around these rebroadcasting fees that the broadcast channels are charging. If that’s the case, we have a very interesting situation in our hands because cable and direct TV’s like you know – and satellites companies are like well if I can still sell that to my customers and not pay a rebroadcast fee why would I?
ERIC: Okay, I’ll tell you this. I’m actually not impress anymore, they lowered their – they lowered their subscription channels a lot.
DAN: Well, how many are they offering, all the locals right?
ERIC: So, all the locals, so you have the CW, CBS, PBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, PBS, FOX then you have getTV, mynetworkTV, meTV, antennaTV, which is basically the like KTTV the KDTV those things.
DAN: Okay.
ERIC: Then you have Lifestyle which is just a create channel and then you have a religious channel, 24 hours news, weather and megahertz worldwide those are – and Bloomberg.
DAN: What are the charges for all of that?
ERIC: Let me go…
DAN: I thought it was like $9 a month or something like that.
ERIC: That’s what it was in the beginning but that was when they were also doing – when they have cable.
DAN: They never had cable there, it’s always rebroadcasting wherever they get over the – the trick with aereo is they had an array of antennas basically…
ERIC: I thought they offered certain channels…
DAN: No, they only offer what they can get over area basically. That was the whole reason why the broadcast companies are so mad is basically they’re setting up an array of antennas and they rent one antenna to one customer and that’s the game around the rebroadcasting piece. So technically, I’m not buying a service, all I’m doing is renting an antenna on a roof somewhere, so that’s how they’re getting around the whole system, but they’re only picking up things on antennas from what I understand. They may have had some other shows via the internet possibly that they had the rights too but for the most part, it was just to get via broadcast signal, but like I said they’ve been winning all their court case. I believe they have a cloud DVR as well, is that correct?
ERIC: I’m not seeing it nor am I seeing there…
DAN: Interesting…
DAN: I think you need to be in the area to know exactly what they’re offering but I thought at one point I’ve seen that – I’m definitely intrigued by it especially being that it might be a cord cutter earlier or later on…
ERIC: So if does say recording, so how may I record the program so I got…
DAN: Yeah I believe they offer recording which would be great because honestly you know I was thinking, you know down the right price Hulu Plus only problem with Hulu Plus is it doesn’t have CBS so if I wanted to get something like this apply – you know dump CBS – you know Hulu Plus just go with something like aereo and get all my local channels with major broadcast channel and that would be it.
ERIC: And I found out a cost, the basic monthly membership is just $8 a month plus tax.
DAN: Yeah.
DAN: Totally worth it, I would totally…
ERIC: 20 Hours of DVDR space and for $4 more you can upgrade to 60 hours of DVR..
DAN: I see, that’s really great because I could see you know $8 a month, I cancel the Hulu Plus have Netflix, and aereo and be good to go.
ERIC: Yeah, but are you going to be paying about the same price as you would for cable?
DAN: No, oh no God no. I pay about $115 a month for DIRECTV.
ERIC: Okay.
DAN: So if I had two things Netflix and this, I would be paying about a little less than $20.
ERIC: Yeah, that’s true. I think this actually might be a good cost for Becky too so that way she could watch her like TV shows that she wants.
DAN: Yeah, I mean honestly I don’t know why we have cable – if all you watch is local stuff which is most of what we watch…
ERIC: But if you watch like The Walking Dead and stuff like that..
DAN: Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah that’s true.
ERIC: But that’s why you have Hulu.
DAN: That’s true as well, I think they’re on Hulu, I’m not for sure.
ERIC: I believe so because I thought I watch it..
DAN: Even if I paid Hulu, Aereo and the other one, I could still get for $30 get everything I want, still saving a ton of money.
ERIC: True.
DAN: So that’s why I look at it as a cord cutter. I’m looking like – what can I save and I’m already paying Hulu and Netflix currently, so it would be pretty cheap to drop you know Direct TV and just get these guys for $8.
ERIC: It’s true.
DAN: Yeah, so…
ERIC: Well, that is our show. I hope that you guys enjoyed it. I hope that you will comment and let us know what you thought. Dan, is there anything last minute you want to add?
DAN: No, I don’t think so. I think we’re – I think we’re doing well here. Like Eric mentioned already, if you have any comments or things or you have any ideas about the auto game, we’re definitely open to hearing them, but please always comment and if you’re have an interesting, I guess I’ll call it a niche in the Geek World something that is your passion, let us know. Let us know if you want to be on the show. We’re always…
ERIC: Not only will we put you on the show, we might even give you your own show.
DAN: It’s a possibility. We’re trying to build a network here. We want to have a network of people that are into Geeky things. So if that’s your thing, if you have something that you love, let us know, put you on the show and possibly you know write – let you write in our blog, you know post your videos, that sort of thing on our website in entirelygeek.com so..
ERIC: Well I’m @SpeakerofTruthh.
DAN: And I’m @DantheTechGuru. Everyone have a great week.
ERIC: One.






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